Searching for a forex advisory service that aims to high quality investment advice while keeping you ahead of the market? Look no further than Beta2 Ltd.

Founded by managing director Lane Clark, Beta2 is a multi-strategy derivative trading firm that specialises in the spot gold, spot silver and FX markets. Unlike many other advisory services, Beta2 does not offer a “one size fits all” service – instead it focuses on offering a high quality, individually tailored service designed to meet the needs of the individual client based on their investment portfolio and risk appetite.

At Beta2 there is one clear goal in mind: to increase the wealth of its clients. This forex advisory service and the multi market advisory service aims to achieve this goal by employing only highly qualified professionals and working only with reputable service providers with reliable technology in place. Beta2 will not compromise on fulfilling its clients’ goals.

Who does Beta2 work with?

Beta2 is willing to work with a range of clients including:


If you’re looking to speculate in the market, Beta2 hopes to cater to your needs with a specifically tailored service.


Businesses looking to hedge their currency exposure should look no further than Beta2.

In every case, Beta2 strives to get to know its clients and their objectives. Its golden rule is to “know the client” and perform due diligence on the investor to make well-founded recommendations based on their circumstances. The advice it offers will be based on the investor’s experience, objectives, as well as Beta2’s views on the marketplace and the availability of funds.

What services does Beta2 provide?

Every day, Beta2 searches through the latest data on the forex and precious metal markets to ensure it is on top of developments and that it can maintain its reputation as one of the leading precious metals and forex advisory services in the UK.

It focuses on fundamental research that includes assessing macroeconomic factors, political events and industry conditions to assess potential future growth. Technical analysis is also used to identify how currencies and metals have performed historically, assessing historical patterns and price volume. Positions are consistently monitored in an effort to reduce losses and enhance gains.

Beta2 employs a powerful leverage system – with 100:1 on forex and 50:1 on metals, oil and equities. The idea is that this has the potential to give clients a greater exposure to the market with a minimal outlay. Potentially this means that smaller movements can equate to larger profits. Of course it is possible that the market can move against the investor with a leveraged position: which is why Beta2 will clearly assess the investor’s risk appetite to ensure it uses the leverage tool to the best possible effect.

If you’re interested in any of the services offered by Beta2 or would like more information then get in touch with Beta2 now.